1969 Ford Thunderbird Four-Door Landau Is Junkyard Treasure

Ford built Thunderbirds continuously from the 1955 through 1997 model years, then added an epilogue for 2002 through 2005. Along the way, the Thunderbird appeared as a convertible two-seater, various flavors of Lincoln-related gigantic land yacht, and a Mustang-sibling fast coupe. For the 1967 through 1971 model years, the Thunderbird was a vast personal luxury coupe scaling in at well over two tons, and today’s Junkyard Treasure is one of those cars, found in Denver last month.

This Thunderbird was a close relative of the Lincoln Mark III, and it was available in two-door hardtop form or as a suicide-door post sedan. The convertible went away after 1966, not reappearing until 2002; the 1967-1971 Thunderbird was the last version available with four doors.

The price of the Thunderbird Landau Sedan started at $5,026 (about $37,700 today), making it the most expensive 1969 Ford-badged sedan available in North America. For that price, you got this very busy—and very opulent—interior.

The Four-Door Landau came standard with the mighty Thunder Jet 429 V8 engine, a 7-liter monster that made 360 horsepower… every one of which was needed to move this car’s 4,460 pounds. There was a time when this engine wouldn’t have lasted more than a few hours in a cheap U-Wrench junkyard, but few seem interested in buying the 429s and 460s nowadays.

Did I buy this cool-looking Thunderbird marker light for use in my next junkyard boombox? Of course I did!

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