Beloved Karizma submerged in a flooded basement: Is it worth reviving

It is my friend’s 15-year-old motorcycle which he holds very dear to his heart.

BHPian sub.g84 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello All,

My friend has a 15-year-old Hero Honda Karizma which he holds very dear to his heart. Ever since he had picked it up, he always dreamt of riding it to eternity. Now, on a Saturday evening, a catastrophe had struck and he found his beloved lady swimming in a basement full of water, all thanks to the Bangalore rains and poor drainage in the Yemlur area.

I do understand for a fact that in most cases vehicles that have been totally submerged in deep water usually are marked as a total loss since any repair attempts would rarely bring them back to their former glory.

However, there is a lot of sentiment attached to this Karizma and my friend is wondering if he should still make an attempt to salvage his beloved ride by sending it for repairs OR should he pick up a new motorcycle. He has his eyes fixated on the Continental 650 for a little while. What do you all suggest he should do in this case?

Now, I will let the pictures show the plight of the Karizma.

First sighting of the bike after it was submerged with only the ORVMs visible:

After 3 fire trucks and 8 pumps started business on Sunday morning this was how much was visible in the afternoon:

Finally, the bike has been retrieved:

Here’s what BHPian boniver had to say about the matter:

Bikes are much much easier to fix than cars. Electricals are what get affected the most due to floods, and on a bike, you can get the entire wiring kit changed for not much money! Your friend should pick up the Continental 650 if he wants, but if he’s so attached to this bike, it deserves a second chance for sure.

Here’s what BHPian Rajeevraj had to say about the matter:

Would suggest getting a repair estimate, especially considering it is a Hero Honda. I went through the same situation with my Hero Honda Splendor 15 years back. Fully submerged, I was out of the station and came back and saw it only after a few days. Called a local mechanic and he was able to get it back up and running in Rs. 2-3000. I personally continued to use it for 4-5 years. So definitely worth checking especially if he is attached to it.

Here’s what BHPian vigsom had to say about the matter:

I’d strongly urge him to get it done up at a good FNG. This is what would be needed, and can easily be performed by DIY enthusiasts.

  • Change of air filter
  • Change of oil (first would be a flush and the oil would need one more change)
  • Carb cleaning
  • Removing the fuel in the tank, decanting the water out
  • Drying the tank and refilling with fresh petrol
  • Cleaning the chain cover, and other “boxes”
  • Lubricating the chain, sprocket
  • Service the brakes – change shoes
  • Displace water in control switches and ignition switches using WD40
  • Replace headlamp assembly
  • Service the horns
  • Change battery (if the old one can’t be revived)

Here’s what BHPian Mr.Boss had to say about the matter:

If he is willing to spend close to 40k on this bike, it can be bought back to glory. All that it needs is:

  • Complete restoration of the frame (strip down painting) & fuel tank
  • Complete new fastener kit
  • All new electrical components and harness (including starter motor service or replacement)
  • Engine flush, new bearings, oil seal kit
  • New filter, carburettor service (or replace, depending on the condition)
  • All-new control cables, drive chain, brake friction materials, seat foam & cover

Skipping any of these will save a few bucks today but make him regret it tomorrow. Mechanics will start loving the bike and the owner will hate it no sooner (Speaking this from the 2015 Chennai flood experience).

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