Best neo-retro motorcycle options to buy: CB300R vs Swartpilen 250

I am trying to avoid Royal Enfield, Jawa and Yezdi bikes due to their weight.

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Hello folks,

I have recently shifted to Bangalore and planning to buy a bike for commuting to the office and rare touring. I am 26 and lean (5’8 and weigh about 60)


  • Retro, Sports-Retro category. Never liked faired and streetfighter bikes
  • Dual Channel ABS
  • Assist and Slipper clutch

Narrowing down:

As I am lean, I am trying to avoid REs, Jawas and Yezdis due to their weight.

This leaves me with one – Svartpilen. I have test rode the bike and I loved its manoeuvrability and its upright posture. But, I tip-toed to balance it. Also, the bike had too many vibrations. When I asked about it, the showroom agent said that it is a 2020 model hence the vibrations. I have also seen youtube videos complaining about the low ground clearance

I also test-rode the CB 300R. Even though it’s 20kg lighter, I felt the husky was easily flickable. For all practical purposes, the CB300R checks all boxes, refined, higher ground clearance, and lower seat height, but I am sceptical of their service + the price tag

Any advice on choosing between these two? Happy to consider other suggestions as well.

Here’s what BHPian amvj had to say on the matter:

Honda BigWing service is generally good across the country. There can be exceptions though. Parts delay is an issue with BigWing. However, the Mysore Road topline service centre is quite good with parts compared to VFM Honda in Ulsoor. Don’t worry about your physic and buy the bike you like. If I am 5’8″ I would rather go for RE or KTM.

I don’t think RE are bad as some people imagine. They may be poor in the past, but they have come over a long way. Sure, there can be issues like Relay or cone set, but the RE owners group and accessories are quite huge. You can find solutions to these small niggles.

The CB300R I have had a fair share of niggles as well, such as cone set /Handlebar tight, ABS light flickering etc. So please buy the one you like.

Here’s what BHPian aargee had to say on the matter:

CB300R is a good choice no doubt about it & don’t let one incident hamper you from buying a motorcycle that you can afford & love to own. You may want to check out my C250R ownership thread as to why one bad review doesn’t matter to stay away from owning a motorcycle that you like.

And, human weight has got nothing to do with the weight of a motorcycle. I hover around 68 Kg, but ride Interceptor 650 (weighs 212 Kg on RC); it’s just the physical fitness & ability to balance that matters, which of course deteriorates with age.

Here’s what BHPian WhiskeyTangoFox had to say on the matter:

I would suggest a TVS Ronin for such a use case. It is very light, has next to no vibrations and a couple of my friends who own it are getting mileage figures of 40kmpl in the city and 60 km/l on the highway. It has a decent amount of power on offer and sounds marvellous. It does have dual channel ABS as well as a Slipper Clutch. Suspension is also pretty soft and can take on moderately bad roads without a problem and is also great for everyday commuting and highway stints if you are not a speed freak (It can cruise effortlessly between 80-100kmph). Do check it out for yourself and take a call. If you want an ADV, the KTM twins seem like a good choice.

Here’s what BHPian IshaanIan had to say on the matter:

Why not simply head over to the Yamaha showroom and pick up an MT-15? These bikes are designed a lot better for riders that are about 5’8″, it will be much smoother than the Austrian machine and will give you the best mileage which really ought to be a factor when commuting, Retro looks can easily be achieved with a simple round headlamp and a few other reductions in the plastic cladding.

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