Buying a new bike: Confused between the RE Hunter 350 & TVS Ronin

After the day 1 test ride, I thought the Ronin would be the best choice as Hunter 350 was giving me some shoulder pain which I felt would be irritating in the long run.

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Hello all,

I’m in the market to get my next bike. But couldn’t able to decide between the two choices i.e., Hunter 350 and Ronin. I would really appreciate any suggestions to help me finalize my next ride.

My profile:

  • Height = 167 cm
  • Weight = 103 kgs
  • Currently own – TVS Star City 2009 model & Honda Activa 2019 model.

What I need – A daily commuter which will be used 90% in city limits and occasional long rides.

In the recent past I started using my cousin’s Honda Unicorn and very much liked the upright handle bar position and the linear power delivery. So I thought my next bike should have similar characteristics. Off late I tried booking Honda Unicorn but always heard that Unicorn production is very much limited and they get stock only once in 3 months I thought something phishy and started looking for alternatives.

Now came the TVS Ronin and Hunter 350:

I test rode both Hunter & Ronin back to back on two different days.


RE Hunter 350:

  • Looked Stunning.
  • Felt very nimble.
  • Surprised that I could plant my foot very comfortably.
  • Power delivery is adequate per my expectations.
  • Discomfort in my shoulder due to the slight sportier stance.

TVS Ronin:

  • Very much liked the upright seating and handle bar position.
  • Excellent low and mid range.
  • Felt front heavy.
  • Seating height is just okay.
  • Looks are okay.

After the day 1 test ride, I thought the Ronin would be the best choice as Hunter 350 was giving me some shoulder pain which I felt would be irritating in the long run.


Before taking the test ride, I saw some Youtube videos regarding the riding posture where they advised to hug the fuel tank with thighs.

Hunter 350:

  • I didn’t feel any pain unlike day1 but the riding posture was very new and honestly I didn’t know if it will suit or trouble me in the long run.
  • Other things felt same as day 1.


  • Looks are very confusing.
  • But the power delivery, seating position, fit and finish was top notch.

Now after the two test drives I am in a dilemma to decide between Ronin and hunter 350.

Ronin – seems to be VFM with some compromise in looks.

Hunter – Looks stunning, could satisfy the RE fanboy within me but worried if the riding position will give any head ache in future.

Some fellow BHPians advised to use angle risers to bring the handle bar little close to the body which could help avoid the discomfort. But I’m skeptical if it will spoil the looks which I like very much.

I await to hear from fellow BHPians before I make a decision.


Here’s what BHPian karanddd had to say on the matter:

Get a sporty bike on rent, like a Pulsar NS or Duke, for 2 days and try to ride for a few hours. If you feel comfortable after that congratulations you have adapted to a slight lean forward stance and can buy a Hunter. If it doesn’t feel comfortable after a few hours, then reject the Hunter and get a Ronin or Classic or any other bike with that absolutely upright stance.

Here’s what BHPian LongDrive lover had to say on the matter:

Among these two, forget looks, close your eyes and go for Ronin. See points from your post which I have highlighted in the above quote, you yourself are convinced with Ronin, only getting confused by looks and brand name RE. Among the positives mentioned by you about Ronin, other very important points in Ronin which will matter a lot for you (as you mentioned 90% city ride), are: GTT and Slipper clutch. These two features make life butter smooth in city traffic. I too have test ridden both these bikes, and can vouch for this aspect.

Moreover for 90% city ride, I would say, even base model will suffice and you can save about 20k+

Here’s what BHPian carthick1000 had to say on the matter:

I would suggest you get the Hunter as you clearly seem to be interested in that. RE is making world class motorcycles. Motorcycle is an emotion. Which motorcycle will you miss if you own the other one? This should answer your question.

Sorry if it comes as impolite, but still I thought it will help you in the long run. After getting one of the motorcycles, you MUST work on your weight. It clearly is not healthy by any standards. Please read these threads on Team BHP:…s-journey.html (Fat to Fit – A journal of my fitness journey)…ss-thread.html (The Weight Loss Thread)

There is a lot of valuable information in these above threads. A lightweight rider is much agile on a motorcycle and can enjoy it even more.

Here’s what BHPian drt_rdr had to say on the matter:

I can only speak to the head, not the heart. The Ronin does lack something, a je ne sais quoi compared to the RE, Honda, Benelli thumpers.

Anyway, I’ve not ridden the Hunter yet, but did ride the Ronin. It seemed excellent in terms of creature comforts and conveniences for urban riding. The bike also seems to be very well built for taking on multiple roles.

And even the base variant gives a current-era experience and conveniences. Don’t have to deal with drum brakes, tubed tyres, barebones instrumentation, and halogen lighting.

The only substantial negative I can think of versus the Hunter is that the Ronin is kind of a new platform. Though supposedly, the engine is a modified RTR engine and the suspension is off the RR310 with revised damping, the frame and everything else is supposedly new. Yet to prove itself at this point. But to be fair, it’s easier to put faith in TVS than in RE.

Here’s what BHPian shancz had to say on the matter:

Based on your riding history, intended usage and expectations the Ronin will fit better with its easier ride and maintenance experiences and slightly better FE. Of course since you’re okay with the design.
The base version in red looks better than the top end IMHO.

But since you also mentioned about the RE fanboy point and since you don’t seem to be committed enough to go the distance to the Classic 350, the Hunter seems like an apt bike to get a taste of it. Whether you’ll like it or not is something you’ll have to find out for yourself.

In your case though, unless you really want to get the Hunter for the RE factor, the Ronin makes better sense in all other scenarios.

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