CarCloud: Analysis of Tata Harrier launch & review threads

BHPian ihrishi has created a car cloud by analysing the keywords regularly used in the Tata Harrier launch and review threads to bring out the positive and negative aspects of the car.

Google NLP API was used to extract entities (words) from the threads. These included person, location, organization, work of art, consumer good, etc. and the frequency with which they were repeated was analysed. Some words like Tata, Harrier, car, one, point, lot, post and vehicle were removed.

The relevance and sentiment of each entity was analysed and duplicates were removed. 10,000 positive and 10,000 negative entities were picked up and plotted on two word clouds in the shape of a Tata Harrier.

Thanks to BHPian ihrishi for sharing this with other enthusiasts.

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