Chervolet previews all-wheel-drive Corvette

Hybrid Corvette was expected to feature electrified front axle; a new video virtually confirms it

By John Howell / Monday, 25 April 2022 / Loading comments

Life’s all about the little details. Say, for example, that raised eyebrow or the little facial tic that tells you whether the person you’re talking to is hanging on every word or thinking you’re an imbecile. Or, in the case of a Chevrolet Corvette video, the little flick of dust from a spinning-up front wheel. “What,” you are crying, “a front-wheel-drive Vette?” Nah, life’s not gone that crazy, yet. It’s the new Vette Volt; or, if the fact that GM has stuck its flag on the trademark ‘E-Ray’ means anything, the Corvette E-Ray.

So what is this new iteration, then? Well, nobody outside Detroit knows for sure, but the lack of any facts hasn’t got in the way of rampant speculation before, and it sure as hell ain’t going to now. Especially with a new manufacturer teaser vid stoking the rumour fire. What we’re almost certainly looking at here is the hybridised version on the latest mid-engined C8. And the powcer being kicked up by those normally solely steering wheels in the video absolutely chimes with the rumours about a pair of front-mounted electric motors joining the fray.

Assuming that the Stingray’s LT2 6.2-litre V8 is carried over, this should add to the 495hp and 470lb ft of shove it quotes – but by a yet undisclosed amount. However, it’s unlikely that it’ll shatter the glass ceiling (nor dull the shine) of the very much already here Z06, which we know to be a bulging automotive bicep with 670hp popping from its naturally aspirated flat-plane 5.5-litre LT6 V8. That, by the way, is enough to blitz the 0 to 60mph run in 2.6 seconds.

Instead of ultimate performance, the E-Ray is expected to add a bit of environmental credibility to the old-school Vette formula – as much as is left after moving to a mid-mounted layout. In Stingray guise, it still relies on the a cross-plane, off-beat firing order and good ‘ol pushrods. Although, it does have some efficiency tricks, including cylinder deactivation – but by providing the Vette with some degree of all-electric running ought to allow the LA set to sleep that bit better at night. Or perhaps they’re awaiting the all-electric version – Chevrolet has confirmed that’s in the works too.

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