Clocking 9,000 km in an Aston Martin DB9: Ownership experience

Everything about the DB9 is simple and functional. It has been simple to live with and hopefully shall remain that way.

BHPian Herbie recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

It is 1 year since I posted my earlier article. I thought I would post a short review of the ownership experience since.

The beautiful Yellow 911 left my friend’s garage forever 2 months back. He was not driving it much and felt it would provide more joy to someone who would use it more often. It was painful for me too, to see it go.

My DB9 has now clocked 13000 km – 9000 km since I picked her up.

Meantime most of my other cars have clocked much more, with the Cayenne S Diesel clocking the most – for sheer practicality + comfort, Diesel economy and physics-defying performance. I will one day write the story of this car.

Ownership Review of the Aston Martin DB9

The above are the tangible quotable stats that an objective world would like to hear.

Perhaps for enthusiasts in Team-BHP, this is not the important part. That review should connect you and me from our hearts to the car we drive. It is not a means of transportation, it is not meant to take you from point A to B. It is not meant to save you money, or be rational, nor do you have to justify her presence in your life.

The Aston Martin DB9 is art on wheels. It is perhaps among the least complicated of supercars, with no overdose of electronics. Everything about the DB9 is simple and functional. It has been simple to live with and hopefully shall remain that way. So, is it good? No. It is not good. It is incredible.

I could retire today if I didn’t have kids in college. I could retire today if I didn’t have cars to maintain. The point is, that these are necessary for a man’s life to give him the balance and perspective of being alive and meaningful. One day you and I will retire, but it doesn’t have to be now. The essential elements of life include that which keeps you going; and that which keeps you going, keeps you alive, purposeful, excited, pushing you to do better. Sounds Philosophical? Nay, it is the truth.

Some of us find meaning in those moments, the roar of a Naturally Aspirated V12 Internal Combustion Engine revving up at 6000 rpm, with pops and bangs, a curve at speed to get your neck twisted, the kick in your stomach pinning you down to your seats, the smell of the rubber burning and the heated brakes, the exhaust note and accompanying smell, It is not just this. The accompanying tactile feel sitting in it, the touch and feel, the smell of warm leather, the roar of 12 cylinders when you push that beautiful crystal fob into its slot, there are simply no words to describe that feeling – it can only be experienced – with gratitude.

Our children may not have the pleasure of this, with EVs silently creeping into our lives, so much so that, there is no longer a longing to get a licence, but one day it will make a great story for their children and their grandchildren. Let us give them those stories, while we live our life, keep it going meaningfully with purpose and don’t let the old man keep the memories forever.

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