EVs make speed limit on Autobahn unnecessary, says German Minister

With electric cars coming people will avoid driving fast in order to save their batteries.

German Transport Minister, Volker Wissing, has neutralised any suggestions of implementing speed limits on the country’s Autobahns.

According to media reports, Wissing stated that speed is the personal responsibility of the drivers, and as long as others are not endangered, the state should hold back. He further added that high energy prices are already causing people to drive slower than before & now with electric cars coming, people will avoid driving fast in order to save their batteries.

Wissing went on to suggest expanding the highway network to reduce congestion, despite objections from others in the government. He mentioned how there would be more traffic on German roads, which would have to be dealt with, which, if not, could bring the economy to a standstill.

Wissing was part of a coalition government which was elected to power in October 2021. One of the parties in the coalition was supporting the idea of implementing speed limits, raising multiple rumours of it becoming a policy priority. This rumour was further fuelled when former F1 driver Sebastian Vettel also spoke in favour of the speed limit. Wissing though dispelled the rumours very quickly.

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