First thoughts about the Suzuki Katana after seeing it in person

The build quality is superb & the motorcycle looks compact as compared to some other options in this segment.

BHPian GoBlue recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Checked out the Katana at the Pune dealership.

  • It looks lovely in person. The cuts and creases are quite striking, they don’t come out as well in pics.
  • The longer wheelbase looks very nice.
  • The rear number plate holder is extremely well executed. The best rear of a naked bike in this segment.
  • Build quality is superb all around.
  • It looks compact as compared to some other contenders in this segment.
  • Bronze alloys are the highlight of this color.
  • The headlight & display look nice when lit up. Makes for a nice 90s look.
  • Ergonomics are extremely comfortable, totally upright.
  • Seat is well padded.
  • Foot-peg position is relaxed

Started the engine and revved it gently. K5’s exhaust note is intoxicating. This would make for an excellent bike for permanent ownership.

TR bike is yet to arrive, expected shortly. That one would be in the other (silver) colour scheme.

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