Fisker May Use VW’s MEB Platform for its EV

Volkswagen may have another customer in the form of Henrik Fisker. The name behind Fisker automotive is looking to VW as a basis for his EV’s first car, the Ocean.

The news came Monday at a press event in which the startup said it would be offering an Initial Public Offering on its shares, meaning it will be listed at the New York Stock Exchange.

The move will reportedly allow Fisker to bring in more than a $1 billion to help development and production of the company’s first car, the Ocean.

Volkswagen has gone to great lengths to show that its EV platform, the MEB platform, can be used by third parties. Ford has already agreed to use the platform for a small EV in Europe.

According to Fisker, the Ocean has already been designed to fit around the platform. Resultantly, Fisker is expecting 250-300 miles of range from an 80-kWh battery pack and a choice of all- or rear-wheel-drive.

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