Flood-damaged Hero Karizma: Restored it to brand new for just Rs 14,230

I now present to you the much-spoken of Karizma back in her full former glory.

BHPian sub.g84 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi folks,

My friend has been following this thread with keen interest and shares his heartfelt thanks to all of you for your valuable suggestions. As a result, he has sent his bike for restoration. The mechanics mentioned that it would take a few weeks to bring this ride back in shape. I shall keep updating this thread as and when I have new information. For now, here are some visual updates:

The bike before it was finally sent for restoration:

They managed to take out 3 litres of water as soon as it had reached the mechanics:

Work is in progress.

The tank has been drained. There was a lot of water in it:

The K&N filter is damaged beyond repair. Needs new filters:

The bike has been opened and continuous flushing of the engine is being done with oil to remove the moisture.

There is still water in the engine.

New updates since the start of this week:

1) Bike started.

2) Center stand replaced.

3) Relays replaced.

4) Tank, carb, and silencer drained and cleaned.

5) Rear sprocket rubber & brake shoes replaced.

6) K&N Filter replacement pending among several other action items

7) Loads of OEM parts:

8) Clutch plates have been changed and the bell will be reset

9) Seat is being refurbished

10) 2 cracks on the Carburettor diaphragm

11) 2 damaged spots were found on each side of the diaphragm piston as well that look like this:

2) Number plate was peeling off

So new number plates were made. The guy is super fast. He supposedly asked for permission from my friend for these new plates, and they were ready in 30 mins:

After a brief period of silence (owing to some of my travel plans and my friend being unwell), I now present to you the much-spoken of Karizma back in her full former glory

She is back in my friend’s comforting arms. Here is wishing her and my friend a long and renewed journey together till eternity.

Thank you all for your support and guidance towards getting this beauty restored.

Here is the cost breakup of the entire work done:

Total – ₹14,230

Sourcing most of the parts was relatively easy. I shall share more photos of the bike as and when I have them.

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