Got a reality-check after riding the Ola S1 Pro: Cancelled my booking

I think we will continue to ride our Honda Activa until it dies – which it won’t.

BHPian amol4184 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Wanted to give an update on the Ola S1 Pro test ride experience in my town in Maharashtra that wasn’t covered under primary big locations like Pune/Mumbai.

Now onto the scooter itself:

My opinion? This thing won’t last 5 years before disintegrating. Definitely not on my town’s roads. Best case, if it does not fall apart, it will start rattling. Maybe it was that particular abused example but it is ridiculous they could get away with such a haphazardly put together vehicle.

The strange accelerator/brake behaviour is scary too. For tech-challenged folks, this is quite a handful. I had my doubts if mom could handle it but the doubt turned into confirmation. Those chimes and phone integration and whatnot are absolute of no use for me or my mom.

I want a no-nonsense turn-key e-scooter and this isn’t it. I think we will continue to ride Activa until it dies – which it won’t.

I was excited last year and was ready to put a full payment down sight unseen and for whatever reasons that did not happen.

Today, looking back I am so glad the purchase bombed. I will be taking my Rs 500 back.

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