Hennessey takes 1,000hp Mammoth overlanding

Need to go anywhere and everywhere faster than anything else? Hennessey has a suitably ridiculous answer

By Matt Bird / Friday, 18 November 2022 / Loading comments

A spirit of adventure has apparently overcome the automotive industry, companies and buyers seemingly desperate to reconnect with the outside – presumably after having their freedom curtailed somewhat in recent years. From Morgan CX-T to 911 Dakar and Huracan Sterrato to Arctic Trucks Ariya, off-roading is the name of the game right now. Keen to get itself a piece of the action, Hennessey is now offering overlanding equipment as part upgrade range. Only Hennessey being Hennessey, it’s converted a pickup with nearly as much power as the Huracan and 911 combined…

You might remember the Hennessey Mammoth, a tuning programme that takes the world’s most powerful pickup – the Ram TRX 1500 – and cranks its 700hp to beyond 1,000hp. Now Mammoth customers can also equip their TRXs with an equipment package that ‘improves self-reliance, resilience and utility’, one that ‘dramatically expands the 4×4’s capability’. Buyers are offered new bumpers front and rear (which must help with approach and departure angles), 35-inch off-road tyres (or 37-inch for the truly committed), a bed rack with tent, an awning, spare fuel tanks an awning, a shovel and an axe (!). Wherever you get in a Mammoth, the overland equipment will get you back to civilisation again. And to some petrol – 1,026hp and 969b ft moving all this will need a lot of fuel.

John Hennessey said of his company’s latest creation: “Our new Mammoth 1000 TRX Overland Edition is the ultimate adventure-oriented vehicle as it adds off-the-grid capability to the world’s most powerful pickup. Thanks to the modular convenience of the system and its seamless integration, explorers may travel to remote areas and effortlessly set up camp without compromising performance or 4×4 capability. There’s nothing else like it!”

Just the thing, in fact, if the neighbours haven’t taken to your new truck – disappear into the wilderness for a few days. Of course, something like this won’t come cheap, but then if you’ve spent almost $40k giving a TRX 1,000hp… The Overland kit (with the tent, awning, tools, and tanks) costs $20k installed, but the Mammoth off-road kits that you’ll need to really take advantage of it will be another $18k, or $22,000 for the Stage 2 package with the biggest off-road tyres, levelling kits and upgraded fold out steps. Go big or go home never seemed quite so appropriate. And there are companies here that’ll import a TRX for you – not least Hennessey itself, if you ask nicely. 

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