How a Hyryder with 4 adults & luggage performs on highways & mountains

On one of the steep climbs where the Ford EcoSport would seriously struggle, the Toyota Hyryder was absolutely cool.

BHPian sukrit7 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Quick thoughts from a Delhi – Shimla – Delhi run. The car was loaded with four adults, an equal number of suitcases and backpacks and a few additional knick-knacks.

Kms covered – 956

Overall average – 24.8kmpl

On the highway, the car performed rather reasonably. It was very comfortable for all of us, and the car held speeds quite easily. Didn’t find overtaking to be much of a problem, although, on hard acceleration, it gets quite loud. Was able to touch a 115-120 with no trouble at all. I thoroughly enjoyed using the cruise control.

On inclines, the engine becomes rather seriously hoarse as you gather speed. It sounds like a diesel and I wish there was a way to manually upshift at times. Having said so, this car can sure as hell climb. We have a home up in Chota Shimla, very close to Jakhu. It’s a steep climb with very narrow roads. Where the EcoSport would seriously struggle, the Hyrder was absolutely cool. The combination of the torque available to you from the battery and hill hold made the experience absolutely fuss-free. I discovered absolutely by chance, that the hill-hold feature works when you’re reversing as well.

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