How I saved over Rs 7000 changing the OE steering wheel on an XL6

An excellent option for those looking at a similar upgrade.

BHPian Leoshashi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Leather Wrap steering wheel for my brother’s XL6 Zeta: The OE steering wheel of XL6 Alpha costs 9.5k, and my brother wasn’t ready for such an expense.

However, we soon found out that the steering wheel of the 2022 Brezza costs a mere Rs 2,400 rupees for the leather-wrapped version. I don’t know how Maruti is managing it, but we decided to order it on Boodmo since we weren’t sure if it would fit.

Link to Product

Thankfully installation was a simple standard affair, and my brother is loving the new upgrade. For someone looking for a leather wrap on their simple wheels, this is an excellent option. Heck, most high-end shops charge more than this amount for a simple wrap!

Old steering, apologies for night time pics:

New Wheel:

Removing the airbag module:


Old vs New:

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