Hyundai has the most number of engines & gearboxes on sale

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Hyundai has the record for the most number of transmissions on offer. They have a 5-speed manual (Santro, i10, Nios, i20, Venue), a 6-speed manual (with all the turbo petrols and the diesels + Elantra), a 5-speed AMT (Santro), a 7-speed DCT (Venue, Creta, Verna), a 6-speed torque converter (Creta, Verna, Santa Fe, Tucson, Elantra) and a CVT (Creta, Verna). Add to it this new clutchless manual. This is quite a record, and must get difficult to manage with so many variants and combinations.

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Maruti offers petrols in just 4 sizes – 0.8L, 1.0L, 1.2L, 1.5L and 0 diesel engine options (although its 1.5L diesel is being readied for BS6). In terms of gearboxes, the Japanese carmaker offers a 5-speed manual, 5-speed AMT, a CVT and a 4-speed torque converter.

In comparison, Hyundai’s list will boggle your mind. Dare we say, their engines & gearboxes (especially the automatics) are usually the best-in-segment too.

The Korean carmaker offers 10 engines in India:

  • 1.1L petrol (Santro)
  • 1.2L petrol (Grand i10, Nios, i20, Xcent, Aura, Venue)
  • 1.2L diesel (Nios, Xcent, Aura)
  • 1.5L petrol (Verna, Creta)
  • 1.5L diesel (Verna, Venue, Creta, Elantra)
  • 1.0L turbo petrol (Nios, Aura, Verna, Venue)
  • 1.4L turbo petrol (Creta)
  • 2.0L petrol (Elantra, Tucson)
  • 2.0L diesel (Tucson)
  • Electric motor (Kona)


  • 5-speed MT (Santro, Grand i10, Nios, i20, Venue). And some of them different (e.g. Santro vs Venue’s gearbox)
  • 6-speed MT (Verna, Venue, Creta, Elantra). And some of them different (e.g. Venue vs Elantra’s gearbox)
  • 5-speed AMT (Santro, Nios, Aura)
  • 7-speed DCT (Verna, Venue, Creta)
  • 6-speed torque converter (Verna, Creta, Elantra, Tucson)
  • 8-speed torque converter (Tucson)
  • CVT (Verna, Creta)
  • Single speed transmission in the Kona Electric
  • Upcoming IMT (related thread)

We are not considering brands like Mercedes which launch a CBU on every Monday at lunch time. This thread is only for mainstream cars.

Which other manufacturers offer lots of engines & gearboxes? Tata & Mahindra have quite a line up too, as does the VW group.

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