Incoming 2,000hp Rimac Nevera goes off-road

Well if a prototype is going to be crashed anyway, what harm is a little mud going to do?

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, November 17, 2021 / Loading comments

Thanks to the bottomless pit that is YouTube, it feels like we’ve seen every supercar do everything it’s possible for a supercar to do: drag races, drive-thrus, top speed runs and detailing demos. But here’s a new one for you: the 2,000hp EV supercar goes off-road.

Alright, so a Range Rover owner won’t be overawed by what a Rimac Nevera can do in the mud, but a £2m car covered in crud is a new one on us. The premise here is simple: the new Rimac EV is approaching its final stages of homologation and testing, which means a bunch of production-representative cars must be built to satisfy requirements. But it also means they must be crashed, a fate that will befall the car featured here. So why not have a bit of fun with it first?

In a video fronted by Mate Rimac, the Nevera is off-roading in a very special location too. In a couple of years the muddy wasteland will be the new Rimac Campus, home to Bugatti-Rimac and 2,500 staff in Croatia. It’s described as a ‘site inspection, done the Rimac way’, and 2,000hp certainly has its work cut out in what looks a festival car park. Especially as, ever the drifter, Rimac has his car in rear-wheel-drive mode.

It’s a nice little video, and frankly what we’d all do if we were handed the Nevera at this stage of development. And owned the company. Apparently the Nevera you see here will be crushed as soon as next week; on the other hand, that should mean customer cars are finally imminent…

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