Jaguar I-Pace completes ‘Everesting’ challenge on one charge

The Jaguar I-Pace has successfully completed the ‘Everesting’ challenge on UK’s highest paved roads.

Jaguar has announced that its I-Pace electric SUV has successfully completed the ‘Everesting’ challenge on a single charge. The challenge took place at the Great Dun Fell, Cumbria, UK. It is said to have the country’s highest paved road.

The concept of ‘Everesting’ involves a series of runs up an incline, until achieving an elevation gain of 8,848 metres – equal to that of Mount Everest. The concept of this endurance challenge is said to have been popularised by cyclists last year.

The 5.8 km climb (11.6 km loop) at the Great Dun Fell involves an elevation gain of 848 metres. Jaguar stated that its I-Pace SUV successfully completed 16.2 loops on a single charge to achieve the equivalent elevation gain of Mount Everest. The electric SUV was driven by Olympic and World Champion cyclist, Elinor Barker MBE.

Over the course of the challenge, the I-Pace SUV covered a total of 199.6 km, including a 12.9 km drive to the start point. At the end of the challenge, the electric SUV managed to have 31% battery charge and 128.7 km range remaining.

Jaguar stated that the key to the climb was the I-Pace’s regenerative braking system. The system is said to have been developed using technology borrowed from Jaguar Racing’s Formula E program. This ‘regen’ technology itself is said to have extended the range of the I-Pace by 93.3 km.

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