Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato teased further

Not long to wait for the off-road Huracan – here's the best look yet

By Matt Bird / Monday, 14 November 2022 / Loading comments

It’s usually easy to gauge how exciting a new supercar is by how much is written about it. If the manufacturer sees fit to publish reams and reams of information prior to reveal, chances are there’s not quite the predicted level of excitement. Key information is being revealed to stoke that fire of interest. And on the other hand, if there’s a ton of pent-up anticipation, the car maker doesn’t have to say much – a frenzied public is doing all the PR for them.

You can probably guess how much has been said by Lamborghini about the Huracan Sterrato. It’s the final pure ICE car out of Sant’Agata, and it embodies every kid’s dream car: it’s the supercar that can also be a rally car. And what could be cooler than that? Therefore, ahead of a full reveal in a couple of weeks’ time, a short – two paragraphs short – press release has been issued, with a few more pics, to further build the hype.

Apparently, the Sterrato will be capable of ‘reinterpreting the very concept of sportiness and emphasising the brand principles of brave, authentic and unexpected.’ The 911 Dakar probably has something to say about reinterpreting that sporty concept, too. There’s also a new video been release and, yes, the prospect of a Huracan slinging mud around with V10 wailing still looks pretty awesome. As for the look, it’s hard not to be impressed, as everything you’d want to see on any expedition car are present and correct: see the roof rails (and scoop), spotlights, beautifully purposeful arch extensions and paint already the colour of grub – perfect. Only this expedition car has more than 600hp. November 30th can’t come soon enough.

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