Leaked: Tiguan X May Preview US Market Crossover

Photos of another Volkswagen SUV have leaked online. The Chinese market Tiguan X is a sedanified version of the Tiguan that will be built by FAW-Volkswagen.

The Tiguan X follows a global trend of high-riding SUVs whose hatchbacks have been replaced with more-sedan like trunks. It’s a trend that has already arrived in the US with the Atlas Cross Sport and that we expect to continue with the smaller, Tiguan-based crossover that VW has been promising.




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Although the Chinese market is big enough to warrant its own unique models, VW’s design language has been consistent enough across borders to suggest that some of the design cues from this vehicle could be seen in the US.

Volkswagen USA did say that the Tiguan-based crossover headed our way will seek to compete as a slightly smaller market segment. With a trunk that ends soon after the rear wheels, this appears to be based on the short-wheelbase version of the Tiguan.

Although a vehicle like this one is by no means guaranteed to be entering the market, it’s interesting to see what Volkswagen is planning in the international markets and what may someday come of the Tiguan.

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