Mahindra launches iMAXX telematics system for BS6 CVs

Mahindra has launched its iMAXX telematics platform for BS6 commercial vehicles. The connected vehicle technology will be available in the Blazo X range of HCVs, Furio range of ICVs and LCVs as well as in Cruzio range of buses.

According to Mahindra, iMAXX uses Dual CAN (Controller Area Network), 4G, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to provide information on vehicle health and performance. The system is claimed to improve productivity / fleet utilization and safety as well as lower costs of operations.

The Mahindra iMAXX embedded device is said to capture large scale, high frequency engine and allied system data securely and transmit on a real-time basis over 4G. Compared to older systems, on an average, it can transmit 600% more data. Further, Mahindra’s digital twin platform uses machine learning to provide accurate and reliable data.

The artificial intelligence built into the system can predict mechanical issues. In one such case, the system was able to predict an engine cooling system issue 33 hours prior to it actually occurring. The predictive alert system helps fleet operators avoid major breakdowns.

According to the company, BS4 fleet customers are achieving upwards of 10% improvement in fuel economy across their fleet. Some customers are achieving 100% asset productivity improvements in terms of kilometers driven per vehicle per day.

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