Maserati GranCabrio poised to return in 2023

First official images suggest open-top variant won't fall far from the newly established GranTurismo tree

By PH Staff / Wednesday, 26 October 2022 / Loading comments

‘Maserati’s energy never ceases’ suggests the press bumf that accompanied some shadowy pics of its latest prototype. That isn’t really true, of course – previous decades have suggested the firm’s energy levels were sagging like an elderly Mafia don after a very long lunch. But no one could claim that the current iteration of the brand is lacking in vigour; after all, we’ve just finished getting all excited about the new MC20 Cielo, a bonafide open-top supercar – with looks to match. 

Moreover, just a couple of weeks before that, we had the official unveiling of the new GranTurismo – a curvaceous sports tourer endowed not just with the MC20’s 3.0-litre ‘Nettuno’ V6, but also three (count ‘em) electric motors if you opt for the battery-powered 761hp Folgore variant. Heady stuff. But evidently, that’s not all: having barely found time to draw breath, Maserati has released the first pictures of its new GranCabrio prototype undergoing ‘intensive’ testing ahead of production in 2023. 

The GranCabrio is important because a) it’s a convertible, which is going to make it popular for all the usual reasons, and b) it is destined to share the GranTurismo’s powertrain options. That means you’re almost certainly going to be able to buy it with either a 490hp or 550hp V6 (splendid) or the aforementioned triumvirate of zero-emission motors. Needless to say, the latter will make the open-top Maserati something of a novelty among EVs; open-top 2+2 sports cars not being exactly thick on the ground at the moment. 

Which, of course, is very much the point. Maserati is building up the head of steam it needs to make each car in its lineup fully electric by 2030. The Folgore models are obviously fundamental to that process, which accounts for both the enormous output and level of tech poured into them. It’ll likely account for a prodigious price tag, too; there’s nothing official just yet, but the idea that the GranCabrio will rival a Bentley Continental GTC on cost is not idle speculation. Maserati is going all in – its customers will be invited to do the same. Expect to hear a good deal more on the subject before the convertible is launched in the wake of the GranTurismo late next year.

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