Mechanical object dislogded in my Tata Zest; need help to identify it

I am just wondering if driving car is safe or not in this current condition.

BHPian KumarS recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi everyone,

I have been happily driving my 6 year old diesel Zest until now.

I found this spring loaded object behind driver seat today.  Car was driven last night, all seat adjustments are working fine.

I am just wondering if driving car is safe or not in this current condition. I posted this query in Zest forum too. 

Google lens hasn’t helped either (it pointed out a gun muz).

Need help to identify what it could be:

Here’s what BHPian Kosfactor had to say on the matter:

Appears to be part of the seat belt pre-tensioner mechanism. Its good to have this inspected.

Here’s what BHPian ssjr0498 had to say on the matter:

Here is what I found:

BHPian KumarS replied:

Thanks for input, I went looking for seat belt pre-tensioner but could not find it. Sockets were attached to simple metal, no extra hardware is seen on both, driver and passenger seat . Then I looked under the seat and found that this spring thing is part of height adjustment mechanism.

When we lower the seat height, this gets compressed and when height is increased, this get uncompressed. That’s why piston like mechanism, to make it slide during adjustment.

There are two of such things attached to seat frame, Left and right side.

Mine left hand side has broken off, right side still intact so height adjustment still working.

I could not find this part in OEM catalog which is here for front seats.

Arrangement seems serviceable but part is needed and a mechanic to get the job done.

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