My Ola S1 Pro: Observations post the MoveOS 2.0 software update

Changing mode from ECO to Normal gives a good boost, as if changing from Sport to Hyper mode in 1.0.x.

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Hello everyone,

I received my Ola S1 Pro on 23rd December 2021 and have clocked 4590KMs on the ODO.

My scooter was delivered with version 1.0.4 which was very stable and did not have any issues like battery range drop, unable to charge and all.

In these 6 months of usage there are 2 issues that I have faced:

  • Clicking sound below the touchscreen if ridden at speed over bad roads. This sound would automatically go away after a few kilometers.
  • OTA updates were never shown on my scooter, after 1.0.4 (initial software version installed on my scooter from factory) there were 1.0.8, 1.0.16. As there were no OTAs, I made a complaint to customer care and a technician came to my place to manually trigger the update. Once 1.0.16 is installed, I got 1.0.30 as OTA. But no OTA for 2.0.

While checking OLA S1 groups in telegram, a group member from AP said that he has seen many customers coming to Vijayawada service center just to get their scooter updated to 2.0. I also wanted to give it a try and went to the service center at Hyderabad and requested them to manually initiate the 2.0 update as JIO signal in my area is very weak and that could be a reason for not getting any OTA notifications. They have asked me to wait for 10minutes in the customer waiting area and assured me that the technician would trigger the update for me.

I came out of customer area after 20 min to see that my scooter is being updated to 2.0 and felt happy as I can now access all the new features like cruise control, navigation and most importantly locking and unlocking the scooter using the app instead of typing the password every time. Update took around 30minutes for installation.

After installing the update, the technician took the scooter for a short ride to check if navigation was working fine or not. He has to check that because some OLA S1’s VCU (Vehicle Control Unit – which is the brain of the scooter) has issues with the GPS antenna and navigation would not work. (Initially OLA said for all the 1st batch scooters delivered till March 2022, VCU change is needed. Later OLA said they have worked out the issue and there is no need of VCU change for everyone and VCU change will be made if navigation doesn’t work).

The technician returned after the test ride and said navigation is not working and they will change VCU. They asked me to wait for 1hr and they changed the VCU and installed 2.0 software. He has taken another short test ride and confirmed that navigation is working fine, and I can take my scooter. No charges for VCU change. Not even chai paisa.

Today I used the new ECO mode in MoveOS 2.0 while going to the office (Pragathi Nagar to Ameerpet – 13KM distance). My observations so far are:

  • ECO mode in MoveOS 2.0 is the same as in 1.0.x in terms of acceleration. We just got an option to trigger it manually in 2.0.
  • Initial acceleration till 20 kmph is pathetic. Even an old Chetak with 2 people and a gas cylinder on it can overtake the Ola and go easily. After 20kmph, things start moving. After 30kmph acceleration is good, by ECO
    mode standards.
  • Top speed in ECO mode is 40kmph, the moment we hit 41kmph, there is a strong resistance from the motor. Leave the accelerator, everything becomes smooth.
  • If you happen to stop at a speed breaker, even giving full throttle is of no use, we must use our leg also to push scooter, especially if the speed breaker is the small cement type ones.
  • Cruise control doesn’t work in ECO mode.
  • Battery consumption is as below in my ride:

3% for 4KM

6% for 9KM

9% for 13KM

  • Remaining range reading is spot on as of now. I have travelled 13KM and now the range is shown as 157KM on screen.
  • Changing mode from ECO to Normal gives a good boost, as if changing from sport to hyper mode in 1.0.x.
  • The fan in charger now starts immediately after we power ON the switch. In 1.0.30 there used to be 3 to 4 sec delay for me.
  • Locking the scooter using the power button is working fine but in app, it shows scooter partially locked. Unlocking it and locking from app shows scooter is locked and safe.

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