My used Mitsubishi Pajero Sport with 1.20L km: Pros & Cons of ownership

Don’t let the age of the car put you off. It’s a tough car with premium quality components that are made to last. The mechanical stuff is built to take good abuse and still keep going.

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I picked up a similar 2013 model with 115k on the ODO early this year. A few weeks back I completed the 120k km service as well. All the work you’ve outlined for the car has been carried out on my car. You may check my posts for more details in this thread.

My two cents on the car under question:



Parting notes:

I’ve seen a lot of irrational fear and ‘whataboutery’ associated with the Pajero Sport.

In my view, it’s a bare basic old-school pick-up truck (Triton base) dressed up as a station wagon. Pop the hood and you’ll see, not some alien technology that requires engineers from Space X to figure out! It’s nothing more than a crude big motor diesel with a little fancy tech gadgetry to make it more planet-friendly and wallet-friendly. The same 2.5 coupled with the 4×4 transmission has been doing service in jungles, mountains, mines, and construction sites the world over for over a decade now. I’ve seen Pajeros and Tritons in Malaysia and Indonesia that have done 3,4 and 5 lakh km and going strong while requiring only regular oil changes and wear and tear part replacements.

Good luck and keep us posted here!

Here’s what BHPian Sandy Damodaran had to say on the matter:

Congrats! I hadn’t seen that thread. The car looks lovely. I had read somewhere that the vehicles till 2013 were CBU units and the assembly started post-2014.

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