Need buying advice: 2022 Brezza AT or Nexon AMT or something else

Now that the new Brezza is released, I find the ZXI+ AT to be priced atrociously. I cannot bring myself to pay close to 18 lakh for a sub 4m compact SUV from Maruti.

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Hi motorheads,

I am searching for a car for past 1 year with below requirements.

Usage: 50 km/ week city usage for a family of two. 900 km round trip on highways once in 2 months to my hometown.


  • Safety 4 or more stars with ESP preferably.
  • Fuss-free ownership with good after-sale service and parts availability.
  • Great ride quality and good NVH levels for poor Bangalore roads.
  • Decent mileage.
  • Beginner-level driver with 3000KM driven so far. So I will need good visibility of the bonnet/rear and corners. I need a height-adjustable driver seat and rear parking camera. if I can get a 360-degree camera or front sensor, it will be great. But I can live without them.
  • Cruise control for highway rides. Paddle shifter optional.
  • Boot space minimum 300 litre and foldable rear seats.
  • Hill assist.
  • Creep function for bumper to bumper traffic.

Initially after researching and few TDs, I decided to go for Nexon ZXA+ (O) in last October. At that time, I saw leaked images of new Brezza. Maruti’s reliability, TC over Nexon’s AMT and 360 degree camera lured me to wait till the new Brezza is released.

I made a pre-booking for a Brezza ZXI+ AT in June with Bimal Autos, Whitefield, Bangalore.

Now that the new Brezza is released, I find the ZXI+ AT to be priced atrociously. I cannot bring myself to pay close to 18 lakh for a sub 4m compact SUV from Maruti. So here are my options now:

  • Go with new Brezza ZXI+AT for Maruti’s peace of ownership and decent safety rating (assuming previous generation crash rating still holds).
  • Compromise on 360 degree camera and safety a bit (live with only 2 air bags) and go for one variant lower at Brezza ZXI AT. I am also not sure if ZXI will have Suzuki connect subscription which I would like to have.
  • Go with Nexon AMT ZXA+ (O) which means compromise on gear box (AMT) and unreliable TASS.

Open to crowd wisdom here and consider other options which may fit by requirements. BTW, I found the Slavia’s look to be a head turner, but I am not sure of their claimed 179 GC which is essential for the Bangalore potholes. Another issue is Skoda car’s reliability concerns and ASS.

Here;s what BHPian Shreyas_Jain had to say on the matter:

Brezza’s pricing is atrocious, I see no sense in going for that car at that price. Especially when so many options are available.

You specifically mentioned good ride. Nexon has a very sorted suspension overall, but the low speed ride is rather stiff. Smoothens out nicely as speeds rise. Do take a long test drive to see if it works for you.

Your top choice should be the Honda City CVT. Comfortable, reliable, efficient, huge boot and much better street cred than Brezza and Nexon. Upgrade to fatter tires and that takes care of ground clearance issues for 99% people.

I have my reservations over the long term reliability and internal cost cutting of the Slavia. But since your expected usage is very limited, you may risk it. Go for the 1.0 TSi with the torque converter automatic.

Kia Sonet diesel AT could have been the car for you, but that weak crash test rating is not ideal for your long highway trips.

In case you are open to spending 20L, do consider the MG Hector petrol CVT. It’s not the most fuel efficient, but your expected running is too less for it to really matter. Otherwise, it ticks all the boxes and meets all your requirements. It’s urban ride quality is unmatched. Extremely comfortable for cruising.

Here’s what BHPian shancz had to say on the matter:

Between the Brezza and Nexon IMO Brezza has better executed features like the bigger and better screens, TC, 6 airbags etc. but that pricing!

The Nexon is quite capable but an AMT on a 14-16 lakh car isn’t justified too.

In the end it’s your call, do take detailed TD of all your shortlisted cars before taking a call.

Here’s what BHPian GreasyCarb55 had to say on the matter:

I don’t know why nobody has mentioned this but I will.

If your budget is around 16-18 lakh and you’re not keen on a sedan like the Skoda Slavia or Honda City then why not look at the KIA Sonet Diesel AT?

The safety kit is better than Maruti (although not at the same level as Tata) and about 16.9 Lakh (on-road Bangalore) gets you a top of the line KIA Sonet GTX+ Diesel Automatic, this goes up to about 17.1 Lakh (again, on-road Bangalore) if you want the GTX+ Dual Tone. The Sonet Diesel AT get a 6 speed torque converter automatic as opposed to the 7 speed DCT in the 1.0 Turbo Petrol so you probably don’t have to worry about DCT failures in Indian conditions (Polo GT owners know the hell you must go through once a DCT gearbox goes KAPUT).

You could also wait for the Toyota Hyryder or Maruti Grand Vitara to see how they turn out (although the pricing of the new Brezza doesn’t inspire much confidence).

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