Pre-worshipped car of the week : Buying a Used VW Vento

Ever since their launch a decade ago, the Vento & Rapid haven’t witnessed any dramatic changes cosmetically. Improvements have mainly been under the hood and in the feature list – otherwise, it’s the same car on sale in the showroom. Some changes have been good, some not so (e.g. discontinuation of that punchy 1.6L diesel). Being one of the oldest designs in the segment, it’s starting to show its age for sure, but VAG has cleverly been spicing things up – the latest is the sweet 1.0L turbo-petrol. No other car in the Indian market has been offered with such a large variety of engine & transmission options. There is something for everyone. 

• A well-built, robust, European sedan
• The Polo (same car) got 4 stars in the NCAP. Some variants get ESP too
• Still looks great. Old, but timeless, clean & classy
• Cabin has sufficient space & a practical boot
• Massive spread of engines. The 1.6L TDI & 1.2L TSI are fast & fun
• Wide range of ATs also available, including a 1.5L Diesel DSG
• Still the segment-best ride & handling package. A lot of fun on the open road
• Feature list includes a telescopic steering, projector headlamps, cruise control…
• Even if you buy an early example, it’s still “current” (i.e. same car sold new in the showroom)
• Something for everyone; cheap petrol Ventos for ~2 lakhs to newer Rapid diesels @ 10 lakhs

• Shows its age. Interiors, especially, are quite outdated
• Patchy long-term reliability. Some owners have had frustrating experiences
• Beware of diesel’s injectors & DSG gremlins! Both have a high failure rate
• 1.6L diesel is loud. And gets louder with age! Many call it a “mini tractor”
• Spare parts can be stupidly expensive
• Unusually tall rear floor hump makes things tricky for the 5th occupant
• 1.6L MPI Petrol engine is quite lacklustre. Feels boring by current standards
• The newer diesels are pricey; holding onto their value well, as no more available new
• VW’s after-sales service quality is a hit or miss. Skoda’s is atrocious!
• New Rapid 1.0 TSI starts at 7.49 lakhs. Why buy used? 

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Mod Potential:

Excellent mod potential including remaps, suspension upgrades and more. In terms of cosmetics too, there’s a plethora of options in the after-market. This was a popular car among enthusiasts, hence there is lots of support.

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Superb availability because the cars have been on sale for ~10 years & enjoyed reasonable success in the early years. Check out some of the examples on sale here and here.

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