Tata Nexon engine replaced just 3 months after purchase: Here’s why!

Since the replacement, the SUV has been driven over 2000 km and as per my friend, everything is as it was on day 1 of the car.

BHPian AROO7 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello fellow BHPians,

I am writing this on behalf of my friend who owns a Tata Nexon Petrol AMT.

Car’s Detail:

  • Model: Tata Nexon
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Transmission: AMT
  • Date of manufacture: July’22
  • Mileage: under 4000 km
  • Age: Three months old
  • Purchased from: Tata Goldrush Lucknow


Coming straight to the problem, he started noticing loud engine noise and vibration before the car’s first service was due and reported the same. The issue was rectified as per the SA and the problem disappeared. But a couple of weeks afterwards the issue cropped up again. This time, the car was checked, and to everyone’s shock had only 200 ml of engine oil in it. There was no leak or damage found that could have resulted in the loss of engine oil. Plus as per SA, he didn’t find any metal debris in the engine oil or the oil filter. He even got a compression test done and the results were okay. So he filed his findings and the issue with Tata Motors and two days afterwards he has now confirmed that the company has approved the replacement of the engine with a new one.

Advice Needed

My friend has a couple of questions and I would request fellow BHPians to pitch in with their advice

That said, if there is anything else BHPians can add that would help him then please do so.

Update on the issue

The car was received back after a week with the new engine installed. Till now the car has been driven over 2000 kms and as per my friend, everything is as it was on day 1 of the car. That said, here is how things happened from the other side.

To conclude, I can say although an engine replacement happening in a couple of months old car is not the best thing to happen but the way the company and the workshop folks handled the issue goes a long way in reinstating trust.

Here’s what BHPian drritwik had to say on the matter:

Hi AR007,

This has been exactly the same experience I have also had with Tata Motors. Parts of the suspension were changed under warranty. No voices had to be raised and no emails, forget about escalation emails, where needed.

While changing parts early into ownership does bring into question a few things but the way TATA motors are handling parts change under warranty is something others should sit up and take note of. It is this attitude that if held for the coming future will surely make me take note of TATA during my next change of steed down the line.

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