Tata Tigor EV: An owner’s real world observations

The maximum range I have achieved is close to 200 km with the AC on.

BHPian Nanolover recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Bringing this info of mine here for any of our members who are interested to know Tigor performance and ownership experience.

Having had the Tigor EV for a month now, I can confirm on the fact that it is the ideal size for city use, the Tiago will definitely be better than that. Also, the electric motor in one full sweep, removes the worst part of the Tiago/ Tigor – it’s underpowered, inefficient and noisy petrol engine and gearbox ( can vouch for this having owned both petrol Tigor and Tiago AMT).

Now you can really get to enjoy the smooth gliding experience, no gearchanges ( the throttle is extremely well calibrated). In fact for city driving, i feel it even beats the best automatics since there are no gears at all, just glides along. Plus sport mode is really fun !

Extras added

  • Elegant cord 2D mats
  • Frameless wipers
  • Steering wrap
  • Hella Chrome trumpet horns

Missing items

  • Second remote keyless key. Reason cited is chip shortage. NO COMMUNICATION/ASSURANCE as to when/ IF I will ever receive the key

Now, inevitably being a Tata, worse followed by the bad and the good

Safety Hazards:

  • Simple things like push/ pull windshield wash/ wipe. The wiper activates a long time AFTER the water is sprayed, leaving you blind and almost thinking the control is broken ! This is a safety hazard on highways and the problem WAS NOT PRESENT IN MY EARLIER TIGOR !
  • Keyless entry sensor is useless sometimes, as it needs truck like force to engage and half the time, I end up locking with the remote key. Worst part is, if it doesn’t lock it activates the horn 8 times and creates quite a racket for passers by ( made even worse by the fact that I have upgraded the stock horns to Hella Chrome trumpets)
  • No Park mode meaning you have to be vigilant and engage the handbrake every time to get out. Always in the back of your mind as to whether you accidentally forgot to engage the parking brake. MUST convey this to any parking valet if you hand over the car to them, which I don’t obviously as never trust valets
  • Rear door design as it protrudes out a long way and you should be careful to move your kids out of the way before opening the rear door, else it will be a straight hit on their head
  • Again, on the subject of head, DON’T hit your head on the trunk latch when taking out the charger. It really gives a solid whack!

The Negatives

  • There is a creaking sound from the boot area when going on rough roads ( sprayed WD40 on the boot hinges but no effect
  • An irritating rattle from the driver’s side seat belt area ( need to take it to the service center, which I always loathe)
  • Auto ac needs constant adjustment to keep the temperature you need ( on hot days you need to lower it by 1 degree every 30 mins, worst is you don’t know what temperature you are in as the display is hidden in the touchscreen
  • Stiff ride on the super potholed roads of Trivandrum. The solution is to slow down to a crawl and then its typical tata cushy cushy
  • Hopeless rubber beadings and fit and finish in some areas which really don’t do justice for a 14 lakh plus car
  • Rollback on steep slopes, unless you are really quick with the accelerator or use the handbrake
  • Losses 2 to 3 psi tire pressure every 2 weeks ( on account of the weight and road pounding perhaps)
  • Z-connect App not working. Have raised complaint with Tata Motors helpline and SLA is 2 to 3 working days for resolution

Now the positives:

  • Silent powertrain lets you really enjoy the solid build of the car. Feels like you really are driving around in a safe
  • Compact size and maneuverability


Have covered close to 600 kms now with the car. Now I have never driven in an eco friendly manner. My go fast mode ( With AC set at 24 degree all the time, 10 times use of S mode and a 60 km run on the by pass plus rest in city), you can expect a range of 130 km. Mind you this is the worst and the battery charge was 100 to 18 % before i plugged it again.

In sensible mode, with AC on and reasonably swift progress you can get 170 kms in the city ( 100 to 20% drop). Didn’t go below 20 % much as car has to run 60 kms plus a day and don’t want to be stranded

My driver who with his gentle Zen like driving can squeeze 200kms ( 100 to 20%) with ac ( 80% drive is on the highway)

Other points:

  • Don’t expect royal dealership treatment ( at least in my case) when you go to buy this car. The experience I had was just like buying an autorickshaw. Remember, product only counts. Only plus with the dealer is they don’t push for accessories or insurance ( unlike Maruti).Yet to receive refund of 13 K even after a month of delivery ( delay reason have been a to z and now its aa, ab reasons). Brother also yet to get his booking refund of 5k for the Nexon after 1.5 months
  • Didn’t consider Nexon as it is impossible for my kids and mother ( knee and joint issues) to climb into the back seat past the extra wide rear door sills and also the height
  • The charger installation is neat and the whole product looks sturdy and well engineered
  • The radiator fan does a 5 second run every time you open any of the doors/ trunk. You have to learn to live with it. Maybe part of pre-diagnostic checks
  • Getting the long charger cable back into its pouch calls for some huff puff ( especially for OCD type people like me who just don’t want to throw it in the boot). And 9/10 times you will end up banging your head on the trunk latch while doing so
  • Don’t know if its my case, but some folks just don’t like them being overtaken ( especially in S mode where you blitz past them) by an EV. They honk and try aggressive overtakes to prove that their cars are obviously superior to my milk float!


  • Since its a new technology and in fact a new experience for the family in the EV space, we are keeping the Celerio also as back up for 6 to 12 months till the transition to EV is smooth and understandable. ( will be changing over to Tiago EV after that)
  • Its a zero stress car to drive in the city with smooth controls, very light steering and good maneuverability plus the safety feel.
  • Will whole heartedly recommend Tiago/ Tigor to anyone as a SECOND car with planned running < 200 km in city/ highway limits.

Read BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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