Watch: Can a TT RS with As Much Power as an R8 Keep Up with the R8?

Yes. As it turns out, if you tune a TT RS (via Abt and then MRC) to make 610 hp and 575 lb-ft of torque, a little over 160 more than the R8 V10 Plus, it can keep up with an R8.

This isn’t exactly a straight-up fight, since the drag strip is sopping wet and the R8 is also modified, but apparently not tuned. With an air ride suspension system and big old wheels, it’s entirely possible that a stock R8 might be a shade quicker off the line.

Regardless, the TT RS-R is also wearing bigger wheels and the result is two remarkably evenly matched vehicles in the standing quarter-mile. With ETs of 10.8 seconds and 10.9 seconds for the cars in the rain, who wins seems to depend on the driver more than the car.

In the standing quarter-mile, that is. In the rolling race, the advantages of the V10’s natural aspiration wins out. In both rolling races, the R8 is way ahead of the TT RS-R.

So there you have it, you can tune a TT to keep up with an R8, but it’s hard and you still might not win.

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