Watch: The RS4 and the RS7 Go Head to Head

Why would you race an RS4 Avant against an RS7? Well, first of all if you had them both and access to an airstrip, wouldn’t you? Secondly, you might discover something interesting, like the RS4 can beat the RS7 under the right circumstances.

In three standing quarter-mile drag races, the RS4 wins twice. This seems to come down to the reaction times of the RS7’s driver, but under acceleration, the RS4 Avant is really impressively quick.

That’s despite making about 150 fewer hp. Mind you, despite being a wagon, the RS4 weighs nearly 300 lbs less than the RS7, which might explain why the performance gulf doesn’t appear to be as big as the power gulf.

As you’d expect, though, in the rolling race, the RS7 takes off and flexes its muscle.

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