Why I bought a Nissan Magnite XV CVT

Nexon was my first choice, but I felt its AMT is too primitive.

BHPian swageo recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally, after some confusion, deliberation, confusion, I went ahead and booked XV CVT. Expecting delivery in a month.

I started my search for 7 seater, and Crysta was the obvious choice. But since new Crysta is coming early next year, I thought I will wait for it. Didn’t consider XUV700 and safari due to multiple reasons

Since I started search and I also need a small car, I moved ahead and evaluated multiple cars, before finalizing Magnite.

Requirements: CSUV, AT, Petrol, good safety features,

  • Nexon was my first choice, but felt its AMT is too primitive. I assume Punch AMT will also be like this
  • Test drove the S-Cross, though it’s not a CSUV. Felt a bit underpowered.
  • Test drove the new Baleno. AMT felt much much better than Nexon. Drive is satisfactory even though it’s not a turbo. Interior is also excellent. But bit skeptical about build quality. Also, it’s seating is like sedan, not of SUV. Am impressed with customer handling by Next showroom.
  • Altroz DCA is a bit underpowered, based on reviews, and doesn’t have ESP. Also DCA is new here and worried about initial hiccups
  • Kiger doesn’t have ESP, and seems hill hold is also missing. How?

So latched on to Magnite, even though it’s interiors are a bit ordinary, my 13 yrs old Civic is better than it. Also have some apprehensions about Nissan’s fate in India, but hope Kiger would survive . Over the phone, dealer sounded mute, but found dealable when I visited the showroom.

What I liked about it: Turbo, CVT, Looks, 4 star crash rating, ESP, Hill hold, Space utilization, Build, security features, VFM factors, high stance, useful boot, 2nd row can fit 3 medium adults.What I didn’t like: Not much color options, useless armrest, average plastic dash.

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