Why replacing my Tata Aria with a Honda City is an upgrade for me

I think a crossover, an MPV, or an SUV can never be a replacement for a comfort-oriented sedan.

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I recently sold my 9-year-old Tata Aria and have bought a new Honda City ZX CVT Petrol. For me, it was an upgrade because 90% of the time, I am either driving alone or with two occupants. No matter how roomy and big the Aria was, there is so much less fatigue in driving a Honda City.

IMHO a crossover, MPV, or SUV can never be a replacement for a comfort-oriented sedan. Unless you are considering only the number of seats, moving to a bigger crossover/MPV will be a downgrade in your driving experience.

PS: The above comment is only for self-driven cars. If your car is chauffer-driven, it’s a totally different ball game.

I currently own a Petrol Venue DCT (primarily for my wife’s office commute for an out-of-city based manufacturing plant) and Honda City CVT Petrol. Very rarely do we need to move more than 5 persons together, so if it’s a short drive, we take both the cars, and for very long distant drives, I book a self-driven MPV.

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Congratulations on buying a great car. The VTEC is a benchmark! Wish you many comfortable miles in your new acquisition.

Absolutely. Sedans and BoF SUV/MPVs are as different as they can get. The sedans are much more sporty, are great handlers and are easy to drive. The SUV/MUVs are vehicles built for different purposes but can never match the handling and ease of driving of sedans.

That said, there’s a league of difference between the Hexa and the Aria. The only things they share are underpinnings and some bits of sheet metal. Hexa is much easier to drive than the Aria. The suspension is better sprung while the 19-inch wheels improve handling and reduce body roll. The autobox takes the driving experience to another level. The only effort left then is for steering the car. The Aria, on the other hand, required effort for both gearbox and steering. Turning radius for both is cumbersome, especially while parking.

IMHO, both these cars are much more comfortable on highways. They are certainly not suited for urban jungles. Here, the Hexa is a bit more livable than the Aria.

That’s a good arrangement which certainly suits your needs. I have a slightly different arrangement. We are a family of three. We use Hexa for highway commutes and vacations while a Swift serves us well for small runs and city runabouts.

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