BMW Motorrad presents the Blechmann R18 custom –

Touting the 2020 BMW Motorrad R18 as a designer’s, customiser’s and modder’s blank canvas, here’s the Blechmann R18. Hailing from Austria, “Blechmann” is the nom de plume of Bernhard Naumann, previously known for his work on the R nine/T, called “Giggerl”.

As the R18 itself is based on a historical BMW Motorrad model, the R5, Naumann did not intend to disrupt the lines of the bike, preferring instead to use the original mounting points. Reducing the design on the R18 to its core elements, Naumann does not sketch anything out in advance, preferring to start on the bike itself and going where inspiration leads him.

“I draw my design directly on the object using the final material. This allows me to directly respond to the requirements and to keep an eye on the proportions at all times”, said Naumann. For the Blechmann R18, this takes the form of a low rider style single-seat, with the lines flowing from the fuel tank down to the bobbed rear fender.

The fuel tank itself is extensively shaped, now cut narrower to expose more of the R18’s boxer engine. A focal point is the headlight, a nod to the double kidney shaped grille of the BMW four-wheelers. Finished in classic gloss black and white pin-stripes, the Blechmann R18 took 450 hours of work to come to life.

For Malaysia, the 2020 BMW Motorrad R18 is scheduled for an official launch in October, with the R18 First Edition. Pricing for the R18 First Edition is RM156,500 and limited to 18 units for the Malaysian market.

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