1969 Serro Scotty Vintage Camper And Nissan Figaro Make An Adorable Pair

How do you make a pint-sized 1969 Scotty camper even cuter? Park a Nissan Figaro in front of it, and make the retro-styled Japanese roadster appear to be towing the trailer. They’re a perfect match.

The Scotty camper is adorable. The exterior features baby blue touches on the upper sides, window trim, and the propane tank holder. There’s a matching color scheme inside. 

The interior has a small footprint, but there’s everything you’d need for a camping weekend. The design perfectly fits the late 1960s aesthetic. The refrigerator has chunky handles. There’s metal trim on the table, and the light above it is the original gas unit that now runs on electricity. The cooktop and oven are the original pieces.

This Scotty was for sale but already sold before this video was published. 

To complete the cute tableau, the Figaro appears to be towing the Scotty. The owners have a Chevy pickup for actually hauling the Scotty. 

With a turbocharged 1.0-liter four-cylinder making 75 horsepower (56 kilowatts) and a three-speed automatic, there’s probably not enough power for the Figaro to pull the little camper at a safe speed on the highway.

A piece of paper on the windshield claims this Figaro is a prototype model and has leather from Bentley. We can’t be sure how accurate these claims are, though. From the little of the car we can see, it appears to be a normal, production-spec example of the Nissan.

The Figaro was one of the four special models that Nissan introduced. All of them were based on the contemporary Micra but had special styling. There were also the Pao and BE-1 hatchbacks. The S-Cargo was a tiny van that looked like a snail.

The Figaro debuted at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1989 and sales began in 1991. It featured a folding roof that retained side pillars so that the top was never fully gone. Production only ran until February 1992.

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