2021 BMW Motorrad M1000R in 1:5 scale Lego, RM953 – paultan.org

Set for release on January 1, 2022 at Lego stores is is the Lego Technic BMW Motorrad M1000RR, priced at 199 euro (RM953). Comprising of 1,920 pieces, the Lego M1000RR is scaled at 1:5 and is 45.5 cm long and stands 27.7 cm tall, making the M1000RR Lego’s largest motorcycle model ever.

As usual with Lego Technic models, numerous technical details abound. These include a three-speed gearbox, the upside-down fork and the rear swingarm with suspension. There is also a dashboard with three different display options and the gold-coloured drive chain while the paddock stand and pit board complete the accessories list.

“When the management of BMW Motorrad announced the first M model on two wheels, the BMW M1000RR, everyone knew that it would be something special,” said Ralf Rodepeter, Head of Marketing and Product Management at BMW Motorrad, “in the same way, the LEGO Technic team realised they needed to come up with something unprecedented to pay tribute to the M RR. The result is a motorcycle and a technical model that each represent the state of the art in their respective fields.”

In Malaysia, the 1:1 scale BMW Motorrad M1000RR retails at RM249,500 and is with an eye towards track performance and little else. Engine power is rated at 212 hp at 14,500 rpm and 113 Nm of torque at 11,000 rpm with the bike weighing 192 kg, wet.

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