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Land Rover recently unveiled the fifth-generation Range Rover, which features a significant redesign and a whole host of new technologies. The latter includes Cabin Air Purification Pro, which the carmaker says is capable of significantly reducing odours, bacteria and allergens including the SARS-CoV-2 virus (commonly known as Covid-19).

The air purification system in the Range Rover uses Panasonic’s nanoe X technology that has been certified by Texcell to have an inhibitory effect on the novel coronavirus – 91.4% in the space of 6.7 cubic metres within eight hours.

Texcell’s methodology involved exposing a gauze saturated with a SARS-CoV-2 virus solution to an air conditioner with nanoe X from a distance of 0.7 metres in a 6.7 cubic metre room for 24 hours. Within four hours, the inhibition rate was 42.4%, rising to 91.4% within eight hours and to 99.7% in 24 hours.

The nanoe X technology is claimed to be ten times more effective than its predecessor – nanoe – and uses a high voltage to create trillions of hydroxyl (OH) radicals enveloped in nano-sized water molecules. These OH radicals denature the virus and bacteria proteins, helping inhibit their growth.

In addition to allergen reduction and pathogen removal, the latest Range Rover also comes with two CO2 management as well as PM2.5 cabin air filtration systems to enhance air quality. The Cabin Air Purification Pro system was first announced back in March this year and will be rolled out to future Jaguar Land Rover models.

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