8 Ways to Lower SUV Rental Prices

Consumers are attracted to SUVs premium comfort and safety, but these rentals also can come at a premium price.

An SUV’s larger cargo and passenger areas and higher ground clearance make it an attractive auto rental option for families and vacationers. But with premium comfort comes premium prices.

According to Advantage, renting an SUV can cost an average of $22-$40 per day. During peak times of the year in more populated cities, customers could end up paying up to $100 per day for an SUV rental. Areas with less demand for an SUV rental may cost just $13 a day.

The many safety features of SUV rentals are why they come at a premium price. SUVs with all-wheel or four-wheel drive are in high demand and garner higher rental fees. As a rule of thumb, the larger the SUV the more expensive the rental.

An article in MotorBiscuit, cites eight ways consumers can get a break on rental fees.

Shopping around for the best rates is the best option for families and those with a lot of luggage. Many rental companies also offer coupon codes on their websites that can help lower the bill.

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