AD: Own a Mercedes-Benz A-Class Sedan, GLA from just RM1,488 per month with Step Up Agility Financing –

With their elegant designs and modern technologies, Mercedes-Benz compact cars deliver a driving experience unlike any other. If you’ve had your eyes set on owning an A-Class Sedan or GLA, there’s no better financing plan to accompany you on your journey to Mercedes-Benz ownership than Step Up Agility Financing.

The future is unpredictable, but your repayment doesn’t have to be. With the Step Up Agility Financing programme, you are given the option to pay much lesser in the beginning of the tenure, allowing you to better manage your money than a traditional financing plan. During these uncertain times, having some extra cash could be handy or even vital.

This innovative payment plan offers you the ability to customise your repayments into tiers, increasing them after the first or second years as your tenure progresses. Through the Step Up Agility Financing programme, you can drive home a new A-Class from as low as RM1,488 per month, or if you prefer the SUV lifestyle, the GLA can be yours for just RM1,688 monthly.

As an example, on a five-year loan for an A 200 Progressive Line, you can opt to pay RM1,488* monthly for the first two years, with the monthly repayment increasing to RM3,909* for the remaining three years. Alternatively, you can choose to pay RM1,488* for the first year and increase the amount to RM1,888 for the second year, which lowers the monthly repayment to RM3,754* for the remaining three years of the loan.

In the case of a GLA 200 Progressive Line, on five-year loan for a GLA 200 Progressive Line, the monthly repayment can be as low as RM1,688* for the first two years, with the amount for the remaining three years being RM3,864* monthly. If you prefer to increase the monthly repayment sooner in the second year to RM2,088*, it becomes RM3,709* per month for the remaining three years.

Tailored plans are also available for the A 250 AMG Line and GLA 250 AMG Line, but the key takeaway is the level of flexibility offered with Step Up Agility Financing. Put simply, you decide what you’re most comfortable with, and you’ll also have the option to add protection or service maintenance to your vehicle, and the downpayment can vary to your desired amount.

In addition to the lower monthly instalments compared to conventional hire purchase loans and flexible end of agreement options, Step Up Agility Financing also comes with a Guaranteed Future Value for your car, whereby your car’s value will remain the same as what’s agreed at the very beginning.

Also included is MobilityPlus, which guarantees a replacement car should your Mercedes-Benz need to be in an authorised workshop for 48 hours or more due to service and maintenance, warranty claims or accident repairs – the vehicle must be insured by Mercedes-Benz Protection. Designed to ensure you remain mobile, MobilityPlus offers nationwide coverage and allows up to 20 days per year of use for a replacement vehicle.

With so many benefits, Step Up Agility Financing is the ultimate financing plan to accompany you on your journey to Mercedes-Benz ownership. Smart, flexible and with your interests in mind, it is the modern financing solution to accompany you behind the wheel of your new Mercedes-Benz.

Flexible repayments aren’t the only thing you’ll enjoy, as for a limited time, you’ll also be rewarded with a complimentary reload worth RM2,000 on a limited-edition Mercedes-Benz Touch ‘n Go card. Be quick if you want in, because the offer is only valid until December 31, 2021. Find out more about the Step Up Agility Financing programme here.

*Terms and conditions apply. Calculations above are based on a 10% downpayment. Amount may vary. Step Up Financing is applicable for all models.

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