Audi Artemis Project To Lead To A9 Landjet? Tesla Model S Targeted

Futuristic, autonomous and ultra-long range… to fight next-generation Teslas.

According to German media, Audi’s Artemis project, announced in May 2020, is about a luxury all-electric sedan – working name Landjet –  with a high-level of autonomous driving.

It’s expected to be positioned above the A8, so maybe it will spawn in 2024 as an A9, as the rumors say.

Reportedly, the main target for the project is to “counter-design” the next-generation models (Model S in particular) from Tesla. So, a range of 400 miles (close to 650 km) would have to be considered.

The Landjet could be produced in a volume of 15,000-20,000 units globally, according to speculations and pioneer the new technologies and solutions for the Volkswagen Group.

Handelsblatt reports that already some 250 Audi employees work on the Artemis project, which is kind of a stand-alone endeavor in the company.

Audi’s path to electrification is pretty clear with several platforms and models. With Artemis, there is a chance to get some boost a few years from now.

It will be interesting whether the new approach will pay off and whether the company will be ready to compete with the Tesla Model S. By 2024, Audi might worry also about the new competitors like Lucid Air or maybe even some new Chinese contenders.

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