Audi US Killing Base R8, Says Goodbye with Limited Edition

It seems that Audi will no longer be offering the lower-power R8 V10 quattro in 2021, and will instead only offer the higher power R8 V10 Plus—which for some reason it’s calling the R8 V10 performance quattro.

To say goodbye to the 562 hp version of its flagship supercar, Audi will produce a limited run of 30 units that feature unique trim, 20-inch milled wheels, carbon trim, and aluminum-style mirror caps.

Buyers will be able to pick from one of three colors: Mugello Blue, Avus Silver, and Sonoma Green.

Perhaps most special, though, will be tech that had previously only been available on the V10 Plus like a carbon fiber front sway bar, which is 4.4 lbs lighter than the normal part.

Also on offer will be magnetic ride, which adjusts the firmness of the dampers, and dynamic steering, which alters the steering weight at different driving speeds. A sport exhaust option will also ensure that the V10 can also sing its loudest and proudest.

Of the run, 15 will be sold in Mugello Blue (with a pastel silver interior), five will be sold in Avus Silver (with a black interior and red stitching), and five will be sold in Sonoma Green with a black interior and grey stitching. The five remaining cars will actually by R8 Spyder, sold in Mugello Blue with a silver interior.

The car is scheduled to go on sale this summer with starting at $186,000 or $195,900 if you opt for the Spyder.

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