Can The Rivian R1T Beat The Tesla Cybertruck When Off-Roading?

This video offers interesting answers and makes pertinent questions.

We have never seen the Tesla Cybertruck tackling trails or any sort of off-road activity. While we wait for that, Rivian did not let that happen to the R1T with “Long Way Up” – which will premiere this week on Apple TV Plus – a diary at its website, and its latest video. The Cyber Truck, Truck Guy YouTube channel got that very video to ask: “Can the R1T beat the Cybertruck when off-roading?”

As you may imagine, that will only be adequately answered when both trucks hit the market. What is possible at this point is to analyze the Rivian video and try to get info from it to compare it with what we already know about the Cybertruck. And that is precisely what the video above did.

The presenter got really impressed with the R1T capabilities in the trails shown in the video. He reminds his viewers that fishtailing and going over rocks is something off-roading offers better conditions to perform. In case you still have not watched it, we have spoken about it on June 29. 

When the R1T crosses a path full of stones, the presenter wonders if the Rivian electric pickup truck presents any underbody armor. If it is important in regular off-road vehicles, it is especially sensitive to electric vehicles. The battery packs are almost always installed there. Any damage in that area could be catastrophic.

The presenter also wonders about servicing. Considering most off-road tracks are in remote places, any sort of issue in these areas would demand a strong maintenance network. Tesla is still developing its service centers, and Rivian plans to follow the same path. Will it be strong enough from the start? Let us know what you think below. 

Source: Cyber Truck, Truck Guy

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