Car tax: Can you tax a car without a V5C logbook?

A V5C logbook is an important document needed for taxing your vehicle. Your V5C, also known as a car log book, is proof that you are the registered keeper of the stated vehicle.

This only means that you’re responsible for registering and taxing the vehicle, not that you necessarily legally own the car.

The V5C form shows that the car is registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

It contains all the essential information about your car, including the name and address of the registered keeper, the date it was first registered, number of previous registered keepers, the car’s make and model, colour and engine size.


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Why do I need a V5C?

A V5C logbook is a document you should keep safe, and you should not buy a car if it doesn’t come with one.

This could be a sign the owner has taken out a ‘logbook loan’ on the vehicle, meaning they have borrowed money against the value of the car.

This could result in an unfortunate visit from the bailiffs if the owner does not repay the loan.

It could also mean the car is stolen, and you should do thorough checks of any car you buy, especially second hand.

Most importantly, however, is not being able to tax the vehicle immediately as you’re no longer allowed to pass on unused months of road tax as part of the sale.

However, it is not illegal to sell a vehicle without its V5C logbook.

Can you tax a car without the V5C logbook?

No. You cannot tax your vehicle if you do not have a V5C logbook.

You can only tax the vehicle if you are the owner, as a V5C only proves you are the registered keeper of said vehicle.

The Government website reads: “If you buy a vehicle that doesn’t have a V5C vehicle registration certificate (log book), you may not be able to tax it.

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“You’ll need to apply for a V5C logbook using a V62 application which can take 6 weeks and costs £25.

“You can reduce the risk of buying a stolen vehicle by making sure it has a V5C logbook and by following these steps.

“Once you’ve bought a vehicle, you’ll need to tax it before using it on the road as vehicle tax cannot be transferred between keepers.”

What if you’ve lost your logbook?

The good news is you can get a replacement if your V5C is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed – or you didn’t get one when you bought the car.

If you’re the registered keeper then this can be sorted out over the phone – as long as your name, address or vehicle details haven’t changed.

You’ll need to ring the DVLA on 0300 790 6802, which is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm, and then 8am to 2pm on Saturday.

Have your debit or credit card to hand when you make the call as you’ll need to pay £25 for the new V5C to be sent out.

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