Check Out How The Tesla Cybertruck Compares To Ford F-150: Specs, Price, Range

In all the details that we already know, at least, but does the comparison make sense?

Until a few days ago, we did not know where Tesla would build the Cybertruck. The Q2 2020 Earnings Call revealed it would be manufactured in Austin, Texas. Although plant construction has already started, it will take quite a while to end. Yet, Tesla is confident it can deliver the Cybertruck by the end of 2021. The video above compares it to the Ford F-150. Isn’t it too soon?

The Cyber Truck, Truck Guy channel had quite some work to put all known details of the Cybertruck together. That makes its video the most comprehensive comparison between these pickup trucks we have seen so far. Yet, these details can change for both pickup trucks until the Cybertruck is effectively for sale.

The Cybertruck does not depend solely on the completion of Giga Austin to get going. It is still under development. We frequently hear that Tesla may make it narrower or shorter, that it is considering to change the stainless steel it will have, and so forth. Apart from the unit Elon Musk presented back on November 21, 2019, we are still waiting to see test prototypes around, just like we did with the Model Y.

The presenter of the video knows a lot can change, even the price of gas. More than one year from now, will it have increased? Will demand for it drop permanently until we see a world without oil? We have no idea at this point.

Regardless, the video is worth watching because it shows how EVs would benefit pickup truck owners. If the Cybertruck was already for sale – and if all Musk’s promises at the presentation were fulfilled – it would offer a substantial financial advantage compared to the best-selling pickup truck in history – as other electric pickup trucks may offer as well.

Will the Cybertruck offer a bed that will be able to compete with the F-150’s? Will the stressed-skin structure be as reliable as the body-on-frame? This is something the Cybertruck will only be able to prove years after it is put for sale.

Source: Cyber Truck, Truck Guy 

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