Completely Destroyed 1970 Dodge Charger Found in Southern California Junkyard

We saw this totaled 1970 Charger in the LKQ Pick-Your-Part in Wilmington, California. It was so damaged, we barely recognized it.

Scroll through the gallery and pay your respects! I spotted this pathetic hulk during a trip to my local Pick-Your-Part a week ago and actually walked past it twice before realizing it was a 1970 Charger, one of the most desirable muscle cars of all time.

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Walking around the car several times, I can’t see a single panel worth saving, which is obviously why the car is here in the Pick-Your-Part. Anything slightly useable would have been picked over or sold before the car was scrapped. Who knows what happened to this thing—it looks like it fell backwards off a cliff and bounced off every branch on the ugly tree on the way down. Pay your respects to this Charger, and don’t let your classic car end up like this!

See all 12 photos

See all 12 photos


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