Demand For The Renault ZOE Is Surging In Europe

Renault ZOE may soon see five-digit numbers of new registrations per month.

While the European automotive market is barely on track for gradual recovery after the coronavirus lockdown, the all-electric Renault ZOE is selling like never before.

Renault just boasted that June 2020 was a record-breaking month for the ZOE in terms of new orders – more than 11,000 orders were placed.

In France, ZOE orders tripled in June (year-over-year) to a new record as well, which we estimate might be more than 5,000.

We assume that the high demand is caused by revamped EV incentives in many European countries, especially France and Germany.

If the demand continues, the Renault ZOE may be a decent contender with the Tesla Model 3 in Europe this year, especially since it was slightly ahead after May.

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The refreshed ZOE with its 52 kWh battery and a range of up to 390 km (242 miles) WLTP is one of the top models to consider when looking for a practical, subcompact car for city driving.

Renault ZOE R135 specs (see full description here):

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