DragTimes' Take On Tesla FSD Beta & How He Got It Despite Racing

If you follow Brooks Weisblat’s popular YouTube channel DragTimes, you may know that he’s been hoping to get Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta technology. Brooks paid for the feature, but he was concerned he may not get the software update since his racing makes it hard to achieve a high Tesla Safety Score. In fact, he’s shared scores that are among the lowest we’ve seen.

If we were looking for Tesla FSD videos, we probably wouldn’t be searching a drag racing channel, though we became aware of Brook’s plans some time ago. Regardless of the nature of his channel, Brooks is a seasoned Tesla owner with plenty of knowledge to share.

He’s also an expert driver who’s been behind the wheel of a fair share of amazing cars with cutting-edge tech. For these reasons, we’ve been eager to hear his opinion on Tesla’s FSD Beta just as much, if not more, than that of others.

DragTimes shares that even though it had a low safety score from the racing, in addition to getting knocked for all sorts of typical daily driving maneuvers, such as braking to avoid a collision and turning quickly to appease drivers to the rear. On the flip side, the scoring system didn’t take Brooks’ points away for speeding, running red lights, or avoiding the use of the turn signal.

At any rate, he explains that you must get a certain score (98 to 100) over a week and 100 miles. He figured out how to reset the system to get rid of his low score and start fresh. Obviously, he was able to get the score he needed, which initiated the download of FSD Beta.

Brooks isn’t overly impressed with the technology, at least not initially. He took the car on a short and easy drive to check out the software. During his drive, the car makes some very sketchy maneuvers, some similar to what we saw in the CNN video. Of course, the car also drives itself just fine at times, but there’s a real lack of consistency. Brooks says it’s clear the tech still needs plenty of work, but he’s excited to play around with it and watch it learn.

Check out the video to watch DragTimes’ first FSD Beta drive and learn about many more details from Brooks. Then, head down to our comment section and let us know what you think of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta system.

Source: DragTimes (YouTube)

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