Driver frustrated after being handed ‘unfair’ £100 parking fine for picking up receipt

National Trust member criticises new parking charges

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Kim Blagden, a taxi driver from Nottinghamshire, entered the car park to leave her passengers at their destination and paid a £4 charge for a “rapid drop-off”. She said she proceeded to the ticket machine while in the vehicle to collect the receipt, which she needs to claim her expenses.

When Kim was about to collect the ticket, the wind blew it to the ground.

Because the vehicle was so close to the machine, she did not have enough space to pick the ticket up.

She then drove through the barrier, stopped, and went to pick up the ticket.

The estate roads at East Midlands Airport are red-routed, with “no stopping” signs in place to discourage drivers from waiting in undesignated parking areas.

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Kim said: “It is not like I stopped to let passengers out so I was avoiding paying the drop off charge that has already been paid.

“I had stopped to get my receipt to claim the parking charge back from the company.

“They say I stopped where I should not have done, but I stopped because I needed to go and pick something up that I dropped.

“It fell on the floor outside the vehicle,” she told Nottinghamshire Live.

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She said she was issued a £60 fine following the incident, which was increased to £100 because it was not paid within 14 days.

Ms Blagden, who previously worked for DG Cars, said the taxi company was dealing with the problem on her behalf.

The initial incident took place on July 12 last year and is still being dealt with by both sides.

A spokesperson for DG cars said: “We can confirm that we re-appealed a number of times and it has been rejected every single time.

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