Drivers hit out at E10 petrol after noticing deterioration in cars

E10 biofuel: Department for Transport explains why it’s ‘better'

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Several road users have complained about losing miles per gallon since petrol stations made the switch last year. One road user has reported losing up to 60 miles in their tank since they started using the new compound.

Meanwhile, others claim to have already switched back to the old E5 fuel and reported a “smoother ride”.

Twitter user Lozz Dee said: “Do you think driving around on E10 fuel is actually better for the planet, then think again.

“Have many of you been checking your MPG to compare before and after the change?

“Anyone else noticing up to 20 percent worse consumption?”

Twitter user nalaknip added: “I’m no conspiracy theory nutjob, but I’m definitely filling up more often with that E10 fuel.”

Express reader ‘Irgs1’ said: “I used to get 520 miles to the tank in E5. Now on E10 it’s 460.

“I’ve switched back to premium E5, much smoother ride and more mpg. Not using E10 again.”

Another reader added: “Although my petrol consumption is OK, my car’s performance up slight inclines at low speeds has deteriorated.

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“It’s a modern car, with a turbo. In future, I’m using premium E5.

“I don’t do enough miles to worry about the cost being excessive.”

Express reader Countdemonet said: “If you run this rubbish it will mess up fuel lines anything plastic and just ruin [your] engine.”

He added: “I always use the top grade Shell fuel, [none] of this supermarket rubbish.”

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However, some readers claim they have not noticed any difference since using the new compound.

Express reader ‘Yohn’ said: “Exactly! Nothing wrong with E10 if you know how to drive a car properly.

“I haven’t noticed any significant changes either in engine power or fuel efficiency on both of my cars.

“All that howling how bad is E10 is utter rubbish.”

Reader Ferrettable said: “I must admit I haven’t noticed any difference in my car’s performance or mpg.”

The Department for Transport has previously warned fuel efficiency rates could be affected.

In their Introducing E10 Petrol report, they warned drivers could lose one or two percent efficiency as a result of the switch.

However, they warned “driving style” was just as important in minimising the damage to economy rates.

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