Drivers told to never apologise after car accident

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According to a new study from the AA, drivers are confused about who to turn to following a collision they can drive away from. Three in 10 younger drivers would seek guidance from their parents about what to do next, while 14 percent would contact an independent garage. 

Just three percent said they felt confident enough to get their vehicle repaired without any assistance.

While more than two-fifths would contact their insurer for help and advice following a crash, a quarter said they’d like to contact the UK’s number one breakdown provider.

Cold weather over recent weeks has seen drivers approach the AA for help and advice following a crash. 

Between December 10 and 11, AA Accident Assist saw a 135 percent increase in calls for help, compared to the weekend before.

Tim Rankin, managing director of AA Accident Assist, reassured drivers that they do not need to panic following a car accident.

He said: “Following a crash, drivers are often unsure who to turn to, but we are here for everyone regardless of who they are insured with.

“Our new simple digital claims service gives power to drivers, by putting them in control while we give them a helping hand by taking care of everything for them, at a time of stress. 

“This launch supports our ambition that Accident Assist becomes the natural first contact for all our members and insurance customers after an accident.”

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What is unknown among drivers is that they can appoint anyone to help process a motor vehicle damage claim.

Because of this, AA Accident Assist has today launched the first step of its digital platform to provide free help and guidance to all AA members, regardless of who they are insured with.

The new service is available on the AA’s app or website and users will be able to self-serve and report a motor insurance claim, avoiding the need to contact the call centre. 

Over the next 12 months, the platform will evolve to provide a complete end-to-end online customer journey including the ability to track the progress of a claim.

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Drivers have often been advised on how to act following a crash, with insurance experts urging drivers to never apologise, even if they feel like they want to.

There is a process for determining fault, so it is best for drivers to leave the investigation to the car insurance companies, or the police depending on the situation.

Even if a driver is certain they were at fault, they should still refrain from apologising, according to Swinton Insurance.

They should be polite to the other road user, ensure everyone involved is ok and “avoid” discussing what has happened.

Sam Dawson, Head of Product at Swinton Insurance, urged drivers to learn what to do in the event of an accident.

They said: “Car accidents can be shocking and stressful, and as a driver, they can really knock your confidence.”

After an accident, the very first thing a driver should do is stop the car, no matter how minor the collision is.

Hazard lights should be switched on to warn other drivers, with motorists being advised to call the police or for medical assistance if necessary.

Whether or not a car accident is a driver’s fault, it is vital that key details are shared between those involved.

This includes insurance details, registration numbers, names and addresses.

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